Hey guys, 

I'm soo sorry it's been long since I've updated, unfortunately I haven't had internet at my house for about a week, so it's frustrating considering I'm here all the time lol. Anyway as far as updates have gone, I am 10 days away from removing my wires! Ahhh time has literally flew by these last couple weeks.  

As far as swelling, numbness, pain etc., goes, I'm almost fully recovered.  Enough so that people can't tell I've ever had surgery.  Obviously, I personally can tell that I'm still swollen, it's definitely less noticeable now. I've also regained sensation back to my entire face except for a small part of my chin and right side of my bottom lip.  Those two areas I still feel nothing at all, which I'm not too shocked about since I'm aware that those two areas are the most likely to lose feeling.  As far as pain goes, generally I wake up in the morning with slight pain at my jaws but I think that's because I put pressure on it sleeping.  My jaw muscles also get easily tired and sore because I've actually been talking through my teeth quite a lot.  Plus smiling gets really tiresome.  Speaking of which, I've discovered why I can't smile still; I used to think it was because of the stitches healing in my mouth, but it's also because the wires that are wired to my braces are actually attached to my cheeks and gums.  Weird, right? 

As far as physical recovery, I've been very good the last two weeks about trying to stick to my healthy diet plan and not rely on pudding and ice cream! hahaa.  I've also progressed very smoothly back into a steady exercise routine.  Right now I'm working on a ton of different healthy recipes that mimic the nutrition I've been getting right now.  For example, for breakfast right now, I usually drink my green smoothie with an added protein boost.  So I'm coming up with recipes for breakfast that has a lot of leafy greens, protein, and fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre.  I think this way my body is already accustomed to taking in the same amount of nutrients and processing the same things.  It might be an easier transition into solid food.  

Anyway, here's a couple of pics I've been holding hostage during the long break I've been MIA!  

I took these pics a few days ago!  Right side shows up so much more on camera :( Also threw in a side profile pic!

day 19; week long update

Hey everyone!  Finally back to update.  This week has been pretty hectic for me, but I've managed to take note of my progress since my last update.  

Swelling: Only a few new things this week, as far as swelling goes, it's continuing to decrease veeery slowly, but nevertheless it's going down.  I've stopped taking pictures everyday because the difference on a daily basis is so minimal that I just take a new picture maybe every other day or a little longer.  
Smiling: I am FIGHTING to smile properly again hahaa, I think that's my new goal.  I guess I just need to wait for the incisions to heal more.  Can't wait until I can smile properly with teeth, have yet to see what I look like smiling so I'm getting anxious.  
Numbness: I'm still numb!!!  It's a little worrisome that even now I can't feel certain parts of my face still.  I know sensation takes a while to regain from this kind of surgery, but I'll be sure to ask my surgeon during my next appointment next week.  
Food:  This week I hit a wall pretty hard.  I managed to blend spaghetti one night and the next night I blended up lasagna (actually the same recipe that my cousin made for me for my feast).  Pretty much my diet for the past week was ensure, boost, and the like, then mashed potatoes and pasta. LOL. So random.  Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed that I strayed pretty hard from what I planned for myself.  I think I was just that upset.  Not to mention, the past thursday was my birthday and I felt like crap.  I'm pretty sure it was the crappy diet, but it didn't help make this lack lustre 22nd birthday any better.  With that being said, today I woke up this morning with a fresh perspective.  I made myself an AMAZING smoothie (which I planned the recipe for pre-surgery).  VOILA!  This is my berry pomegranate matcha smoothie with yogurt.  

I had a big ol' glass of that for breakfast.  Pretty much, a heaping of the frozen berries, with pomegranate juice, a big helping of matcha, and finished with fat free, no sugar added yogurt.  All I did was strain and pour it in a big glass.  Breakfast is served.  Also I'm proud to say today was my first day back exercising! 
Exercise:  Seeing as how I haven't worked out in almost three weeks, coupled with the fact that I'm still weak from recovering, I knew I had to take it easy.  Pretty much I just circuit trained using considerably less weight than where I left off just to ease my body back into it.  I finished with very light card just to get my heart rate up, but not enough to burn any chunk of calories that I already lack.  I can't say how excited I was today to start working out again.  I'm a freak like that!  It really helped me stay positive and get me out of my slump.  
Food: Immediately after, I made my VERY favourite shake, since I am a chocolate FIEND!  It's a chocolate peanut butter and banana protein shake.  YUM. Chocolate protein powder, half a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter and half chocolate milk and half unsweetened chocolate almond milk.  

Anyway, last night was my bf's sister's Jack and Jill.  Both him and I are in the wedding party, so I had to be there to show my support.  Plus, it's fun :).  Anyway, that's my novel for the week hahaha.  Here are pics of my progress!

Take care guys!  

day 12; it's all downhill from here

Back at this again!  Have been feeling more productive now that I'm able to be a little more physically active.  Friday morning was my boyfriend's convocation (graduating with his bachelor of health science; specialist in kinesiology) so proud!  I made my first public appearance on Friday.  I'm feeling more willing to be in public now that swelling has gone down a lot (not completely yet though).  

Updates in terms of my progress, no pain anymore, even my wrists and hands don't really bother me all that much anymore, so I'm planning on starting my ukulele learning this week.  Can't start biking yet though, face is still sensitive to bobbing movements.  I also managed to eat mashed potatoes the other day, hahaha.  Let me tell you, it's possible!  However, I felt slightly lightheaded from having to suck the mash potatoes through my teeth/braces; oh well it was worth it :P.  My advice is to make sure the potatoes are extremely well blended.  I had a second attempt at mash potatoes yesterday that didn't go well because it came with the skin in it.  Normally I like when potato skins are in the mash, but obviously, didn't go so well with being wired shut.  

Today is a bright and sunny day that I'm going to take full advantage of by going to my cousin's house for some swimming.  By swimming, I mean, standing since I don't know how well I'd do swimming like this...  Also, starting tomorrow, I'm going to start light exercising again.  I really miss exercising, and I've been withering away since surgery.  The last time I was under 110 lbs was when I was in elementary school.  At least 8 years since, I'm now 109.  Before surgery I was 122-125.  Last week I was a meager 105, but since I've been making sure to drink more I'm slowly gaining again.  GOOD!  Can't wait to get back into healthy shape!  That's all for today guys, here's a couple of pics to show you my face progress. 

This and the next pic is from bf's convocation, day 10, right side of my face is still more swollen then the left, but definitely considerably smaller than previously.  

In certain angles, it's hard to notice the swelling.  

This is from day 11, went to movies to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with the bf (in the back), my sister and her daughter, my beautiful almost 5 year old niece.  As you can see in this picture better, right side is still more swollen.  However, you can start to see my cheekbones again.  Also, this is as much of a normal looking smile as I can muster yet.  I've tried smiling with teeth but I can barely open my mouth still with all the stitches yet.  I'm getting there though! 

day 9; doc said whaaat?

I'm back!  Trying to stay a little more active in posting since I'm feeling better everyday.  The worst is all behind me now, and I'm glad to say it really only gets better from here :).  Thanks everyone for all the support!  Anyway, yesterday was my one week check up with my surgeon.  He said that I'm doing fine and healing just nicely; so relieved.  However, I asked if there was any chance of cutting the wires earlier than the 6 week mark and he said no.  Since my surgery was so extensive (top jaw, bottom jaw, and maxilla split), his first priority is making sure everything heals properly and not rushed.  After the 6 week mark, I have to go in again and go through another procedure (sedated....again unfortunately), where they remove all the wires holding my jaw shut.  Initially, he was debating between using metal plates which don't need to be removed or wires which do, but chose wires since it leaves room for my orthodontist to fix anything if necessary.  Also!  Forgot to mention, the surgeon didn't need to shave my chin bone down.  A lot of the times when surgery requires pushing the lower jaw forward, shaving the chin bone down is necessary to maintain proper side profiles, but he said it looks great the way it is and I completely agree.  Plus I'm sure it would've made healing a little more annoying if he did hahaha.  

All technical things aside, I'm doing great.  I feel better as the days go by and I'm really trying to consume a lot of healthy drinks like originally planned.  That PLUS I'm now a pro at slurping ice cream hahaha.  Tomorrow is my boyfriend's university graduation!  It'll be my first real public appearance despite still being swollen (wouldn't miss it for the world).  I'll be sure to take and post a picture tomorrow of my face progress.  That's all for today!  :)