day 9; doc said whaaat?

I'm back!  Trying to stay a little more active in posting since I'm feeling better everyday.  The worst is all behind me now, and I'm glad to say it really only gets better from here :).  Thanks everyone for all the support!  Anyway, yesterday was my one week check up with my surgeon.  He said that I'm doing fine and healing just nicely; so relieved.  However, I asked if there was any chance of cutting the wires earlier than the 6 week mark and he said no.  Since my surgery was so extensive (top jaw, bottom jaw, and maxilla split), his first priority is making sure everything heals properly and not rushed.  After the 6 week mark, I have to go in again and go through another procedure (sedated....again unfortunately), where they remove all the wires holding my jaw shut.  Initially, he was debating between using metal plates which don't need to be removed or wires which do, but chose wires since it leaves room for my orthodontist to fix anything if necessary.  Also!  Forgot to mention, the surgeon didn't need to shave my chin bone down.  A lot of the times when surgery requires pushing the lower jaw forward, shaving the chin bone down is necessary to maintain proper side profiles, but he said it looks great the way it is and I completely agree.  Plus I'm sure it would've made healing a little more annoying if he did hahaha.  

All technical things aside, I'm doing great.  I feel better as the days go by and I'm really trying to consume a lot of healthy drinks like originally planned.  That PLUS I'm now a pro at slurping ice cream hahaha.  Tomorrow is my boyfriend's university graduation!  It'll be my first real public appearance despite still being swollen (wouldn't miss it for the world).  I'll be sure to take and post a picture tomorrow of my face progress.  That's all for today!  :) 


So Blonde said...

Good Job!! I just watched a video on maxilla split on YouTube. .... *Ugh*. why did you have to have that done??

Keep up the good work & Keep hydrated!

Kat Marie said...

I knooow, it sounds horrible! He had to split my maxilla because I also had a cross bite, in addition to a recessive lower jaw and an open bite. Lucky me right?! lol, thanks for the love!

Terra said...

Your blog is so great! You're look gorgeous. I'm having double jaw surgery and genioplasty. My chin is a bit recessive so the genioplasty should give me a nice straight profile. Sorry to hear about the wires. I didn't know that was an option. I'm getting plates in top and bottom and a splint for around 2 months. I think they may be expanding my top pallet as well but not sure yet. I saw your lastest post, I think day 12 and you look so good! I wouldn't even be able to tell you just had the surgery from your picture. Take care!

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