days 4-7.

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the lack of update last few days!  I have to admit that these have been the worst so far, so staying in bed and sleeping as much as possible was really all I wanted to do.

day 3- I mistakenly labelled day 2 as day three in my last entry, so I corrected that now.  With that being said, the third day was BRUTAL!  I woke up numerous times during the night because my face would not stop twitching.  Again, it wasn't really painful, it was more of an inconvenience.  Day 3 I also infamously hit a wall... hard.  Not physically, but mentally.  My body was really weak since I was only allowed to drink broth and juice still.  So I felt sick, numb, hungry and extremely hungry.  Not to mention, I was too weak to really do anything that would constitute 'fun'.  The only thing that really kept me going was constant attention from my family, affection from friends and my boyfriend being really patient and supportive.  Poor thing has to wake up instantaneously if I so much as grumble or tap him throughout the night.

day 4- Really this felt like a continuation of day 3.  My face still twitched but I was beginning to get used to the feeling.  I should be thankful that there WAS feeling.  Day 4 I was allowed to start eating pureed foods and drinks that weren't clear.  First choice was to quell my sweet tooth, so I went for a chocolate Boost that the hospital gave me bags full of.  Then I heated up a few ice cubes of my home made soup; roasted red pepper soup and romano cheese melted throughout, blended with lentils for some added protein.  SO GOOD.  Day 4 didn't suck that bad. Swelling continued to go down, and pain was still pretty much nonexistant.  At this point, I had yet to take more than two tylenol 3's in 24 hours.  Unfortunately, as the night progressed my neck started to hurt so much... Here's a pic of day 4.

day 5- I finally felt pain day 5, and it wasn't from the swelling.  My left hand and my right wrist were seriously bruised and hurting from where they put the IV/medicine and drew blood from.  So much that I stopped texting and tweeting throughout the day.  Pain also stemmed from my neck.  Unfortunately, since the front of my throat also swelled up from the surgery, I've been walking around with the back of my neck stiff.  It hurt so much, that I no longer wanted to eat anymore.  Bad news for me, since by day 5, I checked my weight and I had already lost a shocking 10-15 pounds... That is BAD and seriously unhealthy.  I'm sure a portion of it could be due to water loss, and the conversion of muscle to fat (muscle weighs more than fat), but either way I'm not a happy camper.  During the night, we tried something different, I no longer sleep on that purple chair pillow that I showed in my miscellaneous entry, and instead opted for just a regular pillow.  I figured that the pillow chair has gotten too stiff for my neck.  

day 6- I woke up day 6 with a lot less pain in the neck.  It worked.  Unfortunately, I now had a sore throat. A legitimate sore throat; the kind when you get the flu.  Sore throats are expected though during recovery, so it doesn't worry me all too much.  I stepped outside of my house property day 6 hahaa... first time since the surgery.  Only went to my cousin's house, but it's a step.  They ordered pizza from my all time favourite local pizza place. *cries*.  Just something I'm going to have to get used to! 

day 7- That brings me to today.  Sorry guys, I tried to remember everything I could about what I wanted to write.  Here's a pic of what I look exactly one week after surgery! 

Swelling as you can see, has gone down a considerable amount.  Swelling is still a little bigger on the right side of my face for some odd reason, but still, I look less froglike now.  Still numb!  Not as much as before, but definitely still numb.  I'm hoping I miraculously heal faster than expected and get these wires cut!  I've already made a long list of places and things I want to eat. hahaha. Pretty much the only thing keeping me sane right now is company.  I have yet to try the ukulele or bike yet.  Bike for obvious reasons, but my wrist still hurts so I'll lay off the ukulele until it feels better.  I have, however, already read through all the wedding magazines (go figure).  My food master cousin (yes, I'm going to refer to her as that from now on), was kind enough to buy me too DIY wedding books.  I love DIY weddings; I'm everything but typical when it comes to planning my wedding, so DIY's are really perfect.  That's pretty much all for today!  I have my first appointment with my surgeon since the surgery tomorrow, so I'm excited about how he thinks I've progressed so far.  I'll keep you posted!  Thanks again guys for all the support and well wishes!  They keep me sane <3 


Anonymous said...

It's great how your healing up pretty well :) but i bet it really does suck how your getting other problems during the whole healing process of your surgery. STAY STRONG and i really do wish you get better soon :)

littlebigsuzzy said...

don't worry baby girl! I'm trying to think of where to have your birthday right now!

So Blonde said...

You look great!!

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