pre-surgery: finding hobbies to keep me busy

Oh my gosh, I can't stress how important it is to keep yourself busy during the 6 weeks of recovery.  At least for me, it's important that I find things that keep me busy at home or bf's since I'm pretty sure I won't want to go outside if my face is too swollen.  So to prep myself for the insanity of staying at home for long periods of time, I've decided to pick up a few hobbies.  

ONE- The first hobby has actually been a hobby of mine since I started dating my boyfriend 7 years ago; PLANNING MY WEDDING. LOL. I'm not even the typical girl who dreams about their wedding etc., I've already planned in full details every part of the wedding.  I absolutely love weddings.  So we stocked up on a few magazines to keep me and my scrapbooking, idea jotting mind busy! 

TWO- Second hobby is biking!  I just bought a bike pretty cheap actually.  Biking is pretty much the only summer outdoor thing I can do (can't rollerblade, skateboard, or even swim properly hahaha).  I'll save biking until I feel good enough to do it, and until I feel like the swelling of my face isn't ginormous.  

THREE- Third hobby is probably my favourite.  I've decided to learn how to play the ukulele.  I've never been too good at playing the piano, but I sang for half my life.  And the ukulele is so freaking cute! LOL.  Don't laugh at my ukulele though, it was very inexpensive since I don't know how well I'd play. 

FOUR- Final hobby is this blog!  I'm going to try to update this blog as much as I possibly can.  So please, comment and ask questions and keep me occupied! hahaha :)  I think finding hobbies are extremely important during this process since talking is seriously limited… 


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