pre-surgery: self confidence/support

This is a personal necessity for preparing for surgery.  I was always teased about my jaw/teeth positioning by my friends and family (no one else noticed unless I showed them, which I didn't hahaha).  Although I know it was in good fun, I couldn't help but become a little sensitive about it.  Especially since it affected the way I talked.  Even my youtube subscribers and viewers would at times comment on my light lisp… it really bothered me since I had to work so hard not to talk, let alone SING with any problems.  Self confidence is really an important part to the process, because people going through jaw surgery should not only be concerned with their physical appearance and how it'll affect them.  I had to mentally prepare myself for surgery, because I knew it would be a long process, and I knew braces would make my lisp a little bit worse.  Having a good group of friends and family to support your decision to go through with the surgery is so important!  All my close friends are being very supportive which I appreciate so much, and obviously my family is being so helpful.  My boyfriend is also going through hell and back with me!  Poor guy has to suffer with me and take care of me :P.  All of them really helped calm my anxiety… (still anxious though! LOL).


preeti said...

:) Nice to read your post dear. It made me smile. yes i completely agree a small support from friends and family are so important. THanks for sharing your blog

Shankarabarathi said...

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Laderma said...

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Laderma said...

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Cutis Medical said...

All the best to get your tooth fixed. You would love the change!

Cutis Medical said...

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the owner of the boots said...

I just want to thank you for setting up this blog and providing updates on the jaw surgery process. I've just decided to do the surgery and frankly everything sounded really intimidating to me, so I'm really glad I found your blog because you managed to handle it day by day and prepared yourself in the days leading up to the surgery. So, thanks once again for guiding your readers through the experience! :)

Brian said...

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pds said...

I have a 17 year old nephew who is having jaw surgery, and I read cold therapy really helps. I found a face wrap with hot/cold gel packs that looks like a raw steak. Is that gross?? or would that be a bit of welcome humor (and cold relief) to a young man post surgery???

David Alessi said...

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Alica John said...

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