about me.

I am 22 years old, and generally a healthy person.  I don't have any other health issues, I don't smoke, I don't drink often, I LOVE to eat, and LOVE to exercise.  This is why several months of preparation was necessary for me.  The restrictions that jaw surgery creates really would hinder me from not maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  However, all this prep has allowed me to create a plan for how to stay as healthy as possible; mentally and physically.  Read on to see how I prepped myself.  

The next few entries I'll explain:
-my story: why I needed jaw surgery, what's the process like etc.
-pre-surgery: how I prepared myself for the 6 weeks of immediate recovery
-creating a meal plan
-self confidence/support

Any future entries will be related to these different topics (food, hobbies, exercise, miscellaneous, self-confidence, support), so I'll include different labels to make finding specific entries easier.  


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