day before surgery.

So, it is the last day before my surgery tomorrow morning, and I have to say, I am terrified. I'm excited, yes, because I've been waiting 6 years to get this done, but at the same time… terrified.  The closest thing to surgery I've ever done was wisdom teeth surgery, and the only reason I got those out was to make room for braces and to prep for this surgery! LOL.  Ahhh, can't believe it's finally here.  

I'll be keeping track of my weight/measurements and recovery progress during the 6 weeks and periodically post pics.  Let's hope all my months of planning have not gone to waste!  

Anyway, that is all for today guys, time for me to clean.  Depending on how I am when I get home, I might not be able to post until I feel okay.  So that's all for now though, LOVE YOU ALL! 


Therese said...

well...i just wanted to say good luck and hope everything goes as planned. with regards to the ukelele it should be fun i am planning to buy one myself :)

Katherine Wu said...

Good luck, hope it all goes well!! It'll be for the best right? :P

Kat Marie said...

Thanks ladies! I'm really anxious, but it is for the best. If I get decent on the uke I might make a short video for fun! :)

Deya said...

Thx 4 sharing w/ us ur story...Good Luck & I truly do hope that everything goes well for you. Take care

alexxitah said...

best of wishes! i read your story and sounds like what i think i might have, but instead of overbite its an underbite, being that my bottom teeth come out further than my top. I had curiosity one day and started googling all my doubts and questions about this until i saw that surgery was needed. i read more about it and agreed so much to it that i knew i had what i was reading. well im 17 im not sure how old you might be but seems like you might be older. i went to the dentist last month after telling my mom that i probably had to get this checked because i had read that the older you get without consulting the problem it can worsen. so i went to the dentist for a check up and at the end after the xray pictures they said that my teeth had an open bite and of course because my bottom teeth come out further than my top, and ive never had braces in my life by the way. so they concluded that i set up an appointment with the orthodontist for braces. Also about three years ago i had an appointment with a different dentist and they had said that i needed braces in order for my teeth to be "fixed", but due to lack of money i didn't get them. and now that i seen videos of all these surgery processes i dont think braces will fix the whole problem and thinking that im going to probably go through what you've been with braces and then go into surgery? idk as soon as my appointment comes i want to know everything that needs to be done. Well im really happy to be able to talk to someone who has somewhat the same situation. God bless you and watch over you during your surgery. Please write back :)

xjenbenz said...


I'm happy that you're able to share this experience with us. I myself had an accident where I was on a roller coaster and hit my jaw while screaming. Months after I was experiencing lock jaw and at times I would have to keep my mouth shut because my jaw was tired. It's been years but I still experience discomfort especially when I'm at the dentist keeping my mouth open for so long. When I spoke to a doctor they also mentioned jaw surgery and that later on in life the dislocation will wear off my cartilage. The thought scared me because, well of course it's my face. I would look different and have a scar. I just hope it won't be too late for me as well when I decide to go with it. But I would really want to get a second opinion first.

I wish you a fast recovery and can't wait to see you update this blog on how you're doing. Thank you so much for sharing <3

Melody said...


I also had double jaw surgery! Except I had an underbite. My surgeon basically moved my upper jaw forward and my lower jaw backward. I had this done January 2008 when I was 18, now I'm 22. Reading your posts brings me back to my experience, but you are definitely way more prepared than I was. Lol. Before deciding on the surgery, I also thought that my jaw problem wasn't a big deal; however, after doing research and hearing other patients' stories; I really got convinced.

My experience wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Instead of wiring my mouth shut, they ended up using rubberbands. Also, I only had my mouth shut for 9 days, and they initially told me it was going to be shut for 10-14 days. At first I wasn't swollen, but a couple days later, my face got super swollen and I looked like a chipmunk! Lol. But a couple days after that, the swelling goes down really fast! When they removed my rubberbands at the 9th day post op, the swelling already went down immensely. Recovery went by so fast! I looked in the mirror and I started crying realizing how much of a big difference my jaw was. I just couldn't believe that I finally had a perfect bite.

I remember I wasn't able to bite a burger without dragging out the tomatoes because my teeth weren't aligned. I remember biting through a pizza and i would pull the cheese off cuz I couldn't bite through it all the way. I remembered smiling stupid trying to conceal my bite, and I look back on those pictures like, what was I doing? This surgery really made me comfortable with simply smiling and I am so happy I did it. Jaw pains and sores were gone. Lock jaw- gone. And I can finally eat ANYTHING without using a fork and knife. It changed my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I wish blogged or kept a journal during my process just to be able to look back on it.

Good luck & take care!

<3, Melody

Anonymous said...

I have a similar story. In highschool my orthodontist suggested i have surgery but i didn't want to because of the liquid food diet and not being able to talk. I am now in college and my bite has gotten worse so i really want to get it done but i don't have health insurance anymore. I support you 100%

Kat Marie said...

Thank you so much Deya! I appreciate the well wishes! Second day at home now after coming back from the hospital, and doing relatively well!

Hey Alexxitah! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad my blog can be of some help for you! Like you, I also never had braces before, and both my dentists and two different orthodontists also agreed that although if i didn't need jaw surgery, I wouldn't have needed braces, braces usually come standard with jaw surgery, since they're aimed at trying to make the bite perfect (nit picking if you will). I understand what you mean about it being a lot of money, I also didn't have the funding for braces so it was hard on me too, which is why it took me so long to go through with it. Also, I got a few different opinions and all seemed to agree that braces couldn't fix my bite :(. Surgery is a tough call, but I only suggest it to people who have been struggling with it for a while, and are fully prepared! It's awesome that you made an appointment so you can get the full details on what will work best for you, thats the best option! Good luck with everything! keep my posted. Also, I'm 22, so not TOO much older, but that's good that you're 17 since that gives you a few years to decide in case you're not sure :)

xjenbenz! (sorry guys if I'm butchering your usernames :P, I'm new to blogger, so replying directly is something I have no idea how to do haha. Anyway, I understand the pain! Suffering way too long! But the one thing I know about it is that it's usually never too late! Also, don't worry about scars, the entire procedure is done within the mouth. so there are no visible scars, take your time! :)

Omgosh Melody! so glad to here that surgery has helped you so much! it's hard being on this end right now for me since I don't yet get to see the results. I'm so excited to share everything with everyone on this blog. Thank you for the well wishes! I'll be sure to keep you all updated <3

X3r9g6- I did not want to hear it back then either! I could've gotten the whole procedure done 6 years ago, all before university, but I didn't want to hear anything about braces, or surgery. Unfortunately, I also waited until I was no longer covered for braces, and times are tough right now lol, so I know what you mean about paying out of pocket! Thank you so much for your support

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