Hello lovelies,

Yesterday I am proud to say was the day of my unwiring!  I know it's been a while with my updates, but I've been really trying to keep myself busy these last couple of weeks.  Anyway, I have three sets of pictures for you all.  The first was taken June 25th before a baby shower I attended, the second was June 30th for a Katy Perry concert (hence the makeup haha), and the last set was taken just today (the day after unwiring).

As for my progress post wires, I still have to wear elastics around the hooks on my braces.  Which essentially feels like I'm wired shut again, but at least I can take them off to eat.  Unfortunately, I can BARELY open my mouth more than a centimetre for now.  Retraining my jaw is going to be a long process :(.  When I don't have the wires, I talk with my teeth shut still!  I guess I'm just so used to it, and when I try to talk with my mouth open, I have a bad lisp haha, I'm currently working on that.  There's no pain whatsoever, just when attempting to open my mouth either too wide, or after the elastics have been on my braces for a long period of time.  As for my smile, I can FINALLY laugh and smile without it hurting!  On the downside, my smile is still super awkward since I'm not used to smiling and my jaw muscles need to adapt haha.  You'll see in the pictures, but I'm sure it will get back to normal soon.  I keep smiling just to practice!

As for what I eat, pretty much I'm sticking to my planned diet for the next month or two.  I still start with a green smoothie every morning just because I love it!  For snack I'll eat something like a banana sliced up with some home made peanut butter, yuuuum!  I'll still drink my protein and nutritional shakes with added fibre, and for lunch or dinner I'll have something like a tuna salad sandwich not toasted with the crust cut off and SUPER smushed haha.  Pretty much, my goal for the next couple of weeks until I get better is to mimic the foods I've been eating during the liquid diet.  This is so that my body isn't shocked by the sudden solid intake.  Oh, and I've also increased my fibre to help digestion!

As far as working out, I'm happy to say I've gotten back into my regular full routine.  Well, not quite, I'm only running 20-30 mins instead of my original hour, and the weights are still lighter than before, but at least I can do the full routine.  I'm excited to get back into it!

I've also joined from the recommendation of another jaw surgery victim haha (thanks Elana)!  Check it out even if you're not going through surgery.  It's a great place to learn new healthy workouts and meals, plus it keeps track of your meals and exercises!  Great tool!

That's all I can think of for now, I'll be sure to keep taking pictures to show you guys my smiling progress!  As you can see, I'm STILL swollen on one side of my face more than the other, *sigh* something that's surely going to take a while to recover haha.

Saturday, June 25th- BABY SHOWER TIME! :)

Thursday, June 30th- Katy Perry concert! :) 


What an absolutely TERRIBLE awkward smile hahaha, sorry guys!

Those things that look like fangs are the white elastics holding my jaw together haha.


Side profile with no smile
And with a smile!


john disoza said...

nice post and cool pics

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Elana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy that you're free(er than you were before), and you sound and look like you're doing great!

I'm also free... It's been just over a week now, actually. They let me loose a little early. Haha! (Long story, but the wires were so tight they were actually starting to pull a couple of my teeth out by the roots on one side, so that's why they took 'em off a little early. My orthodontist says not to worry -- he can fix it, but I was definitely stressing about it at first.)

My surgeon still wants me on a no-chew diet, but my orthodontist wants me chewing, so... I don't know! I'm kinda just doing my own thing, I guess, and trying to take it easy. It's so nice to be able to talk more or less normally, and to put some solid foods in my mouth. I can't open very wide, either, but I'm trying to do some mild jaw stretches.

How long will you have to wear the elastics? I'm not wearing any right now. How long with the braces? My orthodontist says about another 4 1/2 months for the braces, but I'm not holding my breath. They always drag it out longer than originally promised. :( But it would be so wonderful to have them off by the holidays, don't you think??

So glad to hear that you signed on to Livestrong! It's been such a lifesaver and eye-opener for me. My food intake has definitely increased, but I've been doubling up on my workouts and haven't really gained back any weight so far (knock on wood), so that makes me hopeful and relieved. Are you trying to gain back some weight, or maintain, or...? Anyway, look me up on the site, if you want! I think my user name is ElanaLee.

I'm also still sticking to the green smoothies, protein drinks, and some soups, too, but I have definitely been sneaking in some of the foods I was craving most! As for digestion issues, I really recommend Ionic Fizz, if you haven't checked it out. It's almost like an Emergen-C type thing, but it's high in magnesium, which really helps with digestion. They also have some with calcium and vitamin D. I recommend raspberry-lemonade flavor in sparkling water!

Thanks for the exciting update and all the pics!
Yay, freedom!

Alexis said...

Hi! I was just told by my dentist that I will need to have double jaw surgery done, too. I have a bunch of questions that I would like to ask you, if you don't mind. I'm extremely curious, nervous, and scared for my experience! Please email me at Thank you!

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bmb4u said...

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Stéphanie said...

Hi! Your blog is amazing! I'm getting my braces in a month or so, and will also get a double jaw surgery. I am so curious, after reading about your experience, to see pictures of you a year after surgery, without the braces! I don't know if you still post on this blog, but if ever you have a minute, I would love to see the final results, and just know how you feel about your surgery after all this time now! If you have a minute! And thank you so much for all the precious information on this blog, it will be very helpful! Thank you!

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Alexender John said...

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Chady said...


I am on day 3 post double jaw surgery. I have had my jaw advanced, my lower jaw rotated and brushed on one side. I read your posts before the operation and read them again now. I slept 2 nights in the hospital and left today. The first 2days were worst than today but I don't know what to expect next. I have elastic wires and the doctor allowed me to remove them today in order to eat, which I did. I ate something very soft of course. I am very much swollen, much more than you but I m not worried about that. I will your tips on protein shakes and ice cream as I am already underweight, but today I drank good fluids. Thx again, you inspired me and boosted my morale. I m writing my own blog but I have a feeling it won't be as successful as yours.

Edward Harris said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is big help for us especially for me having jaw and ear pain it gives me more power how to overcome will,again thank you so much!

Melody said...

Hi Kat!I followed you when you got your surgery because I was going to eventually get lower jaw surgery as part of my orthodontics treatment...well that day is coming up now-in about a month! Your blog has been helpful in thinking about what to prepare beforehand.Thank you! I was just wondering how you are doing now that its been a while after surgery? Are you still numb? Do think the swelling has gone down completely? How is your bite? Does your tongue feel funny? Does your jaw feel weird or painful in the cold? Sorry for all the questions...I just want to know how everything ended up.Thanks!

Jessica Ortner said...

Hello Kat!
Thank you so much for this blog. I know this was 2 years ago but it was so nice to read. I have lingual braces (braces on the inside) and am having double jaw surgery in a couple of months. I am terrified and have so many questions!! I would love to ask some more if you can remember that far back! if you have time.


JJ Blade said...

You were beautiful now and you were beautiful before. I have always thought that women with a slight "lisp" sassy and cute. God has blessed you be happy!

motiur nuggeta said...

Kat Marie's Jaw Surgery Blog: FREEDOM!
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klaithem alkabbi said...

Am so happy for u ,, i have to do double jaw surgery this coming june and am so afraid and nervouse and I really dont know how I can express my feeling please I need support

Sad jaw said...

I wonder, How are you feeling after all this time Kate? Are you happy with it? Was you upper jaw move up and your Lowe jaw moved forward? How much your lower jaw and upper jaw was moved?

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