feast before my surgery (aka my last supper)

I am SO excited about this entry.  Soooo, on Friday, May 20th (4 days before surgery).  My cousin (aka food master) planned a HUGE 7 course feast for me, my bf and a few other family members who wanted in.  It was amazing to say the least!  I got to pick whatever I wanted her to cook so I chose a few of the things I have been craving: sweet potato fries (the only way I truly enjoy fries), candied bacon (DON'T HATE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED IT! haha) chicken wings (YUP), spanakopita (greek spinach and cheese pie! Sooo random, but sooo good), massive platter of nachos, hearty meat lasagna (one of my favourite foods), and finished with the best part; a nutella walnut blonde fresh out of the oven with two heaping scoops of ice cream!  AHHHHHHH, *dies*.  So good.  Here's some pictures to feed your eyes:

preparing for the feast; started cooking at 3:30 pm

first up; first batch of sweet potato fries... and a chipotle dipping sauce. YUM. 

fresh pico de gallo and sour cream on top of a bed of meat and homemade cheese sauce; whole wheat tortilla chips (of course)

asian bbq chicken wings! (SO GOOD) my cousin made 80 of them... guess she really was trying to fatten me up 

best invention ever! look it up; t-fal actifry! this is where we cooked both the sweet potato fries and the wings (separate times of course).  Basically it's a deep fryer that ONLY uses one tablespoon of oil! CRAZINESS! 

spanakopitas! (greek spinach and cheese pie) these are freaking amaaazing. we made like 40 of them.

candied bacon! honestly, i know what you're probably thinking... that's disgusting. which is what i used to think too... until i tried it. it reminds me of maple smoked ham... YES.

lasagna! one of my all time favourite foods.  normal lasagnas i can put back like 4 pieces... this one... two. hearty and amazing!

it looked thicker in real life

FINALLY! dessert. nutella blondie fresh from the oven, with one of my favourite ice creams, chocolate peanut butter. mmmmmmmmm...... 

THE END. so good.

Seriously though, I don't think you guys understand how much I eat on a regular basis LOL.  I <3 FOOD!  


bmb4u said...

The nutella blondie sounds and looks amazing. What is the recipe for that?

Laderma said...

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Cutis Medical said...

HaHa.. It would be much grander after your surgery

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Holly said...

Oh how I would LOVE the recipe for that Nutella blondie... Could you provide it?

Bill Stewart said...

That looks like a great meal. I would want to eat that before my surgery too. I hope your surgery went well.
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