Hey guys!

Finally get to update everyone.  It's now May 26th, which is two days after the surgery.  Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what went down.

day 0- i got to the hospital at 945.  My surgery wasn't until 11:15, and you'd think that the minutes would go by very slowly, but in fact time went by relatively fast, unfortunately though, things were running behind, so I didn't get into surgery until around 1.  Anyway, I was comforted by the presence of my boyfriend and my father, who patiently waited there for me.  NOT TO MENTION, all the staff were extremely kind to me.  Got prepared to go to the operating room, which is completely overwhelming holding your IV bag in one hand, fully dressed down in the hospital garments.  It was overwhelming to walk into the OR, with all the bright lights and different people there.  By the time I woke up, I was in another room.  All I could remember was crying because I couldn't find my boyfriend, unfortunately he wasn't allowed inside.  Either way, I kept falling asleep.  I briefly remember visits from my mom, sister, and niece, and of course my bf and dad.  But I kept passing out.  I ended up being fully awake around 11.  And kept waking up every hour after that.

BUT! no pain guys.  I was so numb, couldn't feel any pain.  Just uncomfortable and numb.  LOL.  The doc wired me shut with metal wires (boo no elastic ones for me).  And they're on for 6 weeks (another boo).  Either way I wasn't feel a lot of pain, but inconvenienced by my massive face.

day 1-  I was supposed to get discharged at 9 am the next day, but they wanted to keep me for a few more hours.  I ended up leaving the hospital that day at around 5.  Again, no pain, just numb.  Swelling is getting bigger now though.  Excuse the pic if it grosses you out, but I hope you guys don't mind. 

Lips are huge! But no scars on the outside of my face though!  Can't feel my face at this point, so I'm not doing too bad.

day 2- that takes me to today.  I'm still pretty numb, so technically I haven't really felt any real pain at all yet, can't complain.  But I'm starting to get sensation back on my face randomly, so I'm sure I'll start to feel something.  Whiteboard in hand though, and blog at my fingertips, I'm not doing too bad.  As of right now, I\m still on a clear fluid liquid diet (apple juice, broths etc).  THAT'S IT. UGH, at least for 2 more days.  I can't even try my yummy soups yet until this weekend, so hungry.  Here's another pic of my day 2, don't think much has changed yet.

swelling looks like it might've went down.  (Don't mind the shinyness, I put this cream that the hospital gave me, I think it's just vaseline, but it helps with the dry skin).  That's all for now guys! Keep posting comments! <3


So Blonde said...

I am really enjoying your blog on this topic. I am getting braces and jaw surgery done as well. I do not know yet if I will have top and bottom surgery. Keep up the posts and pics!


Miss S. said...

Heyy. I wear braces too! I think it's really cool that your sharing your experience doing this with everyone. =D And I am a huge fan of your Youtube Channel. God bless.

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JLV said...

Hi there, not sure if you have already mentioned it but how did you actually eat/drink just after surgery, did you use a straw or syringe?

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